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About Us

Welcome to Zestain—where the zest for a sustainable life meets zero waste. Our name is a blend of “Zero” and “Sustainable” and it encapsulates everything we stand for.

Zestain is a resource hub focused on promoting and celebrating companies and products that employ, or strive for, sustainability and zero-waste practices.

We support and celebrate efforts toward eco-friendly living, and provide insights and recommendations to help consumers make conscious choices in line with these values and practices, while recognizing and partnering with brands at various stages of their sustainable journey.

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To Empower a Sustainable Future: At Zestain, we are committed to informing and educating for a sustainable future where conscious choices and responsible living are embraced by all. 

Our mission centers on promoting zero-waste practices and broader sustainability, supporting both those who have achieved this ideal and those actively pursuing it. Through highlighting eco-friendly companies, offering insights, and recommending products, we enable consumers to align their choices with their values. 

Recognizing that not every brand or product we feature may be entirely zero waste, we’re committed in our dedication to promote those on a sustainable path, to enhance our shared vision for a greater tomorrow. 

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To Nurture a Culture of Conscious Choices: At Zestain, we seek out people, companies, and products where sustainability is championed at every level.

Our vision recognizes and values all efforts toward eco-friendly practices, whether just beginning or fully realized as zero-waste companies and organizations. 

By fostering a community that supports varying commitments to the environment, we create a global movement that goes beyond products to become a lifestyle. Together, we’re building a future where each step toward sustainability brings us closer to a thriving planet for generations.

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