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8 Eco-Friendly Makeup Bags To Carry Beauty Sustainably

Discover the top 8 eco-friendly makeup bags that blend style with sustainability – perfect for the conscious beauty enthusiast.
10 Eco-Friendly Makeup Bags To Carry Beauty Sustainably

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In a world where sustainability takes center stage, the beauty industry is not left behind in the green revolution. Our makeup routines, from zero-waste moisturizers to non-toxic lotions and sustainable beauty brands, are a place to make small choices that add to a big impact.

Makeup bags are often designed from a variety of materials, each chosen for its durability, aesthetics, and, sometimes, cost-effectiveness. The latter contributes to a consumer culture where plastic reigns supreme – cheap and durable but with a cost to the planet. 

Frequently used materials for makeup bags, such as nylon, polyester, leather, and vinyl, come with a price tag for the planet. These materials employ fossil fuels that don’t easily break down after use. 

We’re getting right with the planet with these top eight eco-friendly makeup bags designed for the environmentally conscious beauty enthusiast. 

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A Quick Look At The Best Sustainable Makeup Bags

How We Choose These Eco-Friendly Makeup Bags

When curating our selection of sustainable makeup bags, we considered several key factors to ensure that each product not only meets the standards of quality and functionality but also aligns with a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Here are some of the criteria we considered. 

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable fabrics generate less waste, use less energy, and have a significantly reduced environmental footprint compared to conventional materials.

We prioritize bags made from environmentally friendly resources such as organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, and natural fibers like jute. These materials are selected for their lower environmental impact, including reduced water usage, pesticide-free farming, and recycling processes that minimize waste and carbon footprint.

Buy Less, Use Longer

An essential aspect of sustainability is longevity. We choose makeup bags that are stylish, practical, and built to last. By ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and durable materials, you’ll have less frequent replacements, reducing overall consumption and waste.

Ethical Manufacturing Practices

Beyond the physical product, we consider the ethics behind its creation. It’s important that makeup bags come from brands committed to fair labor practices and safe working conditions. 

We look for companies that are transparent about their manufacturing processes, support fair wages, and adhere to ethical standards throughout their supply chain. This ensures that each purchase supports the environment and the people behind the products.


When shopping for a sustainable makeup bag, it’s crucial to look for certifications that guarantee the product’s environmental and ethical standards. 

While a product can still be perfectly sustainable without a third-party certification (the vetting process can be expensive and hard for small businesses to go through), both the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 are great places to start. 

Full List of Sustainable Makeup Bags

Image by Tiradia
Best alternative material makeup bag


  • Price point: $$$
  • Sustainability: Made of renewable natural materials.

Tiradia is making cork look like it belongs on the runway. Give your makeup the star treatment with the Natural Cork Glam Cosmetic Bag. Cork is often praised as a highly sustainable material due to its rapid regenerative properties. The material is perfect for a makeup bag as it is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and even waterproof.

Harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, primarily found in the Mediterranean region, the process doesn’t harm the tree; in fact, it promotes tree health and longevity. These trees can live up to 200 years, with the bark being harvested every 9 to 12 years, making cork a renewable resource. 

Tiradia’s makeup bags are made by skilled female artisans in Portugal and are entirely cruelty-free. It’s also incredibly handy to have a built-in mirror inside. Each bag is unique, thanks to the natural variations in the cork’s color, texture, and grain.

Image by Cotopaxi
Best makeup bag for travel


  • Price point: $$
  • Sustainability: B Corp Certified and Recycled Materials

Not one for neutrals in your makeup palette or bag? Cotopaxi has you covered with this vibrant, sustainable color bomb. The Nido Cada Dia is perfect for traveling. Best for the whimsical earth warrior, each bag is a once-of-a-kind combination of colors chosen at random. 

Each pack has three compartments perfect for staying organized on the road. It is made of 100% recycled nylon, with ethical sourcing and fair trade practices standing behind its production.

Lok Pouch Makeup Bag
Image by Terra Thread
Best for the minimalist

Terra Thread

  • Price point: $
  • Sustainability: GOTS Certified, Fair Trade Certified, B Corp Certified, and recycled materials.

Terra Thread covers a lot of ground with its eco-friendly offerings, which include backpacks, bags, and apparel for conscious consumers who are looking to make a positive impact on the world with their purchases. Terra Thread’s motto is to put people and the planet first every step of the way, from ‘organic farms to your arms.’

Made of Certified Fairtrade Organic cotton canvasTerra Thread’s Lok Pouch Makeup Bag comes in 14 modern colors. It’s not just any cotton – it’s also GOTS Certified, which qualifies it as one of the highest tiers of sustainable sourcing and fair labor practices. 

It is a carbon-neutral product backed by B Corp vetting of standards and production practices. Basically a no-brainer for your next makeup bag.

Beauty Pie X Pati Dubroff
Image by Beauty Pie
Most fashionable and sustainable

Dark Green Vegan Leather Makeup Case

  • Price point: $
  • Sustainability: Carbon Neutral and Pledge 1%

Beauty Pie is a cutie pie if you ask us. As with all things, it is its beauty on the inside that really makes its Pati Dubroff Dark Green Vegan Leather Makeup Case Shine. While we’re partial to its dark green cruelty-free PU ‘leather,’ you can also find it at the same super accessible price point in Black Velvet. 

Created by A-List makeup artist Dubroff, it’s built to open on the half shell for a full display of your favorite makeup products. It’s fashionable, functional, and – fully recyclable! 

The company is more than just pretty things, it also actively participates in carbon offset programs and works with Ruumi Farmland Regeneration to give back to the planet.

Hemp Cosmetic Bag
Image by Annmarie
Best hemp makeup bag


  • Price point: $$$
  • Sustainability: 100% regenerative natural fibers.

Organic cotton can’t do everything! Cork isn’t the only awesomely sustainable alternative material on our list. The Hemp Cosmetic Bag from Annmarie is crafted from the famously durable fiber which is a standout for its natural resilience and minimal ecological footprint. 

Hemp is known for its fast-growing nature and ability to be cultivated with minimal water and without pesticides, making this cosmetic bag a superb choice for eco-conscious consumers on the hunt for their next makeup bag. 

Sustainable doesn’t have to mean dowdy and boring. The design is simple yet elegant. Perfect for daily use or as a travel companion.

Recycled Sail Small Cosmetic Bag
Image by Sea Bags
Most innovative upcycle

Sea Bags

  • Price point: $
  • Sustainability: Upcycled materials and circular design.

A big part of making our routines more earth-friendly is questioning not just what our goods are made of but also, what happens after their usable life is over?

In this case – we’re talking about sails. Yes, boat sails. The Recycled Sail Small Cosmetic Bag with a navy anchor design from Sustainable Travel & Living is a stellar example of how functionality meets sustainability. 

This unique cosmetic bag is made from a lightweight, upcycled sailcloth on the exterior, lined with red spinnaker cloth inside, making it both beach-chic and eco-friendly. Beyond its practical appeal, this bag carries a significant environmental impact; it’s part of Sea Bags’ initiative to save over 700 tons of material from landfills since 1999. 

Handcrafted by skilled Maine artisans, each bag is meticulously designed and sewn, ensuring no two bags are exactly alike. By choosing this recycled sailcloth cosmetic bag, you’re supporting American craftsmanship and making a mindful choice towards reducing waste, all while owning a piece that’s as stylish as it is sustainable.

Shebang Makeup Bag
Image by Torrain
Best for a funky design


  • Price point: $$
  • Sustainability: Upcycled materials

This woman-owned business harnesses the power of upcycled materials, transforming them into stylish and functional bags, wallets, and accessories tailored for daily adventures and travel. What sets TORRAIN apart is not just its innovative use of recycled materials but also its dedication to making a positive impact on both the planet and its people. 

The brand’s products are ethically handcrafted by artisan communities in Cambodia, ensuring that with every purchase, you’re supporting fair labor practices and contributing to the livelihoods of these skilled workers.

Furthermore, TORRAIN’s “1:1 Initiative” pledges $1 from every item sold to rotating causes, reinforcing their commitment to giving back and fostering a global conscience.

By repurposing upcycled plastic materials, TORRAIN directly addresses the issue of waste, preventing these materials from ending up in streets and landfills. 

When it comes to makeup bags, you can’t go wrong with the Shebang Makeup Bag, which comes in four funky patterns. Each bag is totally unique, and the material lends itself to easy cleaning.

Mighty Makeup Bag Image 1 By Gen See
Image by GEN SEE
Best for everyday use


  • Price point: $$
  • Sustainability: B Corp and GOTS Certified

As the name suggests, this brand is targeted to Gen Z consumers with a conscience. Gen See has firmly established itself on the beauty scene as a beacon of sustainability, clean beauty, ethical practices, and environmental stewardship. 

This brand is emblematic of a new wave in the cosmetics industry, one that does not sacrifice performance for principles. 

Right among the brand’s facial creams, eye serums, and moisturizers, you’ll find the bag among all the bags to carry them. The aptly titled Mighty Makeup Bag is a compact yet spacious bag crafted from 100% Organic Fairtrade cotton that adheres to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ensuring it is free from harmful chemicals and produced in a carbon-neutral manner. 

As a B Corp-certified company, you can rest assured of this company’s adherence to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Comparing Eco-Friendly Makeup Brushes

BrandPrice PointSustainabilityOur Pick For
$$$Made of renewable natural materials.Best alternative material makeup bag​
$$B Corp Certified and Recycled MaterialsBest makeup bag for travel​
Lok Pouch Makeup Bag
Terra Thread
$GOTS Certified, Fair Trade Certified, B Corp Certified, and recycled materials.Best for the minimalist​
Beauty Pie X Pati Dubroff
Dark Green Vegan Leather Makeup Case
$Carbon Neutral and Pledge 1%Most fashionable and sustainable​
Hemp Cosmetic Bag
$$$100% regenerative natural fibers.Best hemp makeup bag
Recycled Sail Small Cosmetic Bag
Sea Bags
$Upcycled materials and circular design.Most innovative upcycle
Shebang Makeup Bag
$$Upcycled materialsBest for a funky design​
Mighty Makeup Bag Image 1 By Gen See
$$B Corp and GOTS CertifiedBest for everyday use​

Why Switch to Sustainable Makeup Bags

Switching to sustainable makeup bags is not just a trend; it’s a significant shift towards environmental responsibility and eco-conscious consumerism. Here are four compelling and clever reasons why making the switch is beneficial.

Better Materials, Better Planet

Sustainable makeup bags are often made from organic cotton, biodegradable materials, or recycled fabrics, which significantly reduces their environmental footprint. Traditional makeup bags are typically made from synthetic materials like plastics, which contribute to pollution and can take hundreds of years to decompose. 

A Longer Life Means Less

High-quality, sustainable makeup bags are designed with durability in mind. Materials like organic cotton are not only environmentally friendly but also known for their robustness and ability to withstand wear and tear over time. 

This means that while you’re contributing to a healthier planet, you’re also investing in a product that will serve you longer, proving to be cost-effective in the long run.

A Better World For All

Many sustainable makeup bag manufacturers prioritize environmental sustainability and social responsibility. This includes fair labor practices and ensuring that workers are paid fairly and work in safe conditions. By choosing sustainable options, consumers can support companies committed to ethical practices, positively impacting communities around the world.

One Small Step for Your Beauty Routine, One Big One for the Planet

Whether you’re a minimalist or a makeup maven, these eco-friendly makeup bags are the perfect companions for your beauty journey, ensuring that every swipe of lipstick and dusting of powder contributes to a more sustainable future!

Switching to sustainable makeup bags offers a practical way for individuals and businesses to contribute to environmental conservation, support ethical labor practices, and enjoy durable products. 

Keep an eye on Zestain’s beauty picks for recommendations on better hair, makeup, and skincare products for the earth!

Alyson Lundstrom

Alyson Lundstrom

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Alyson is a recovering nomad with a degree in Environmental Science. She has had professional lives as a marine biologist, eco-entrepreneur, and community sustainability leader in the Caribbean, China, Mexico, and currently the less exotic, but always green, Washington State. She currently covers movements, brands, and humans as they pursue the elusive quadruple bottom line of people, profit, planet, and purpose.
Alyson Lundstrom

Alyson Lundstrom

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Alyson is a recovering nomad with a degree in Environmental Science. She has had professional lives as a marine biologist, eco-entrepreneur, and community sustainability leader in the Caribbean, China, Mexico, and currently the less exotic, but always green, Washington State. She currently covers movements, brands, and humans as they pursue the elusive quadruple bottom line of people, profit, planet, and purpose.

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