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12 Sustainable Fashion Accessories Brands Defining Eco-Style

Discover the top eco-friendly fashion accessories brands that are leading the way in sustainable and ethical practices, from recycled materials to fair trade production.
12 Sustainable Fashion Accessories Brands Defining Eco-Style

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Fashion accessories are some of the most underrated heroes of any wardrobe. Late night? Sunglasses. Need a pop of color? Handbags. Traveling light? That perfectly sized pocket wallet. As the unsung heroes of your wardrobe, they deserve the same sustainable treatment offered to your clothing itself. 

If you’re looking for ways to minimize your environmental impact, keep functionality, and remain the “trendy friend,” these accessory brands, from sustainable wallets and handbags to hats to sunglasses and belts, are made with eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices. 

Let’s take a planet-forward look at your next sustainable fashion accessory purchase with these brands.

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How We Choose These Eco-Friendly Fashion Accessories Brands?

While you know your personal style best, we can help guide you to more sustainable and ethical accessory brands.

What makes an eco-friendly fashion accessory? Choosing sustainable accessories involves a thoughtful approach to shopping, focusing on practices that reduce environmental impact and promote ethical production. Here are four key aspects to consider when selecting sustainable fashion accessories.

Material Sustainability

We looked for accessories made from eco-friendly, recycled, or upcycled materials. Sustainable materials include organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, recycled metals, and bioplastics. 

These materials often have a lower environmental footprint in terms of water usage, pesticide use, and energy consumption during production.

Ethical Production Practices

Choose brands that are transparent about their manufacturing processes and prioritize the welfare of their workers. Ethical production involves fair labor practices, safe working conditions, and fair wages. 

Timelessness and Durability

Don’t be a victim of fast fashion! Buying on impulse or a whim, no matter how sustainable the accessory means it won’t stay in use for as long as possible. 

Opting for timeless designs ensures that accessories remain fashionable across seasons, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thus minimizing waste. 

Brand Commitment to Sustainability

Support brands committed to sustainability across their entire supply chain. This includes using environmentally friendly materials, implementing sustainable production processes, and engaging in initiatives such as carbon offsetting or contributing to environmental causes.

Full List of Sustainable Accessories Brands

Sustainable Sunglasses

Sunglasses - 12 Sustainable Fashion Accessories Brands Defining Eco-Style
Sunski - Tera Tortoise Forest
Image by Sunski


  • Pricepoint: $$ – $$$
  • Sustainability: 1% for the Planet and Climate Neutral certification.
  • Featured Product: Tera Tortoise Forest

Sunski is on a mission to ‘make the best sunglasses on earth for outdoor adventure.’ They specialize in fashionable and functional frames – think polarized lenses with extra big coverage. They come in colors that pop for guys and gals with 100% original colorways (translation; trademarked trendiness). 

Behind the Sustainability 

Sunski’s sunglasses are crafted from SuperLight, a proprietary recycled plastic, demonstrating an innovative approach to reducing waste and promoting circularity in production. They also put sustainability into action by contributing 1% of all sales to environmental non-profits through a partnership with 1% for the Planet.

Warby Parker - Esme Sesame Tortoise
Image by Warby Parker

Warby Parker

  • Pricepoint:  $$ – $$$
  • Sustainability: Impact Foundation and Buy a Pair, Give a Pair Program.
  • Featured Product: Esme Sesame Tortoise

This brand does high fashion sustainably and even caters to prescription lenses! You can also hit the beach guilt-free with Warby Parker’s “home try-on” program, which allows you to try five styles to test at home, returning those you don’t keep. 

Much better than tossing a pair of ill-fitting sunglasses in a drawer and buying a new pair. Their virtual try-on also cuts down on shipping emissions. 

Every pair of sunglasses is precisely tailored and comes with a standard, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens that effectively shields against UVA and UVB rays. 

Behind the Sustainability 

Sleek frames are crafted from highly recyclable materials such as titanium, stainless steel, or bronze, with the majority fashioned from Italian plant cellulose acetate. The brand doubles down on its ethical commitment by sponsoring a Buy a Pair, Give a Pair Program that provides vision care to underserved communities.

Look Optic - Muse Sun
Image by Look Optic

Look Optic

  • Pricepoint: $$ – $$$
  • Sustainability: Zero Waste Initiative and Charity Water partner.
  • Featured Product: Muse Sun

Given a stamp of fashionable approval by GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue, Look Optic’s sunny collection features vintage and modern frames, each coming in various colors and tints. 

We love this brand for its Fit Guide, which tells you which frames will work best for your face’s measurements. That’s right, it’s time to measure your face to make sure your shades will be maximally functional. 

Behind the Sustainability 

Ultra-lightweight, durable frames are made from 100% recycled materials and come in 100% recycled felt cases. A 90 day risk-free trial means they won’t become a victim of fast fashion due to a poor fit. Look Optic also commits to a people, product, and planet bottom line with a portion of profits going back to water conservation initiatives. 

Sustainable Handbags

Handbags 12 Sustainable Fashion Accessories Brands Defining Eco Style 1
Made Trade - Kata Pom Pom Bag
Image by Made Trade

Made Trade

  • Pricepoint: $$-$$$
  • Sustainability: Varies across brands.
  • Featured Product: Kata Pom Pom Bag

Made Trade revolutionizes sustainable shopping by offering an array of eco-friendly and fair trade products, from stylish home decor to ethical fashion. They offer a story behind every small brand and product on their marketplace. 

Their eco-friendly and handmade styles include crossbody, shoulder, tote, and classic handbags. Materials range from natural remnant fabrics to jute grass. 

Behind the Sustainability 

By focusing on products made from renewable resources, employing energy-efficient manufacturing methods, and advocating for the reuse and recycling of materials, Made Trade champions the cause of environmental responsibility.

In their quest to uphold the highest sustainability standards, Made Trade meticulously vets each vendor and product against rigorous criteria, ensuring they adhere to sustainable practices throughout their production processes. 

They also offer carbon-neutral shipping and offset the carbon footprint of every purchase made on their platform.

Pixie Mood - Isabella Shoulder Bag
Image by Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood

  • Pricepoint: $$ – $$$
  • Sustainability: Peta Approved Vegan Recycled Leather, 1% for the Planet, One Tree Planted, and TerraPass
  • Featured Product: Isabella Shoulder Bag

Pixie Mood is at the forefront of blending fashion-forward design with eco-consciousness, offering fun, bold colors with classic design. These are your go-to everyday bags that don’t cost the planet. 

Behind the Sustainability

Pixie Mood focuses on craftsmanship that uses high-quality vegan leather and recycled materials like plastic bottles! This approach not only diverts waste from landfills but also significantly reduces the environmental footprint associated with traditional leather production. 

The use of what would otherwise become landfill waste has prevented over 2,500,000+ plastic bottles from entering landfills!

Lo And Sons - The Pearl
Image by Lo & Sons

Lo & Sons

  • Pricepoint: $$$ – $$$$
  • Sustainability: Premium eco-friendly materials. 
  • Featured Product:  The Pearl

Recycled nylon and polyesters, plant-based fibers, and upcycled organic cotton feature to make Lo & Son’s the holy grail of fashionable and planet-friendly. 

They specialize in weekenders, totes, and shoulder bags that double as great travel bags as well. We love their sophisticated color pallets and thoughtful design features like a built-in laptop pouch and inner storage pockets. 

Behind the Sustainability 

Lo & Son’s doesn’t just use premium eco-friendly materials; they also utilize post-consumer waste to craft beautiful, timeless pieces. A full-scale packaging audit brought upon recycled and biodegradable packaging materials. 

Even better, each year, they’ve committed to increasing their ratio of eco-friendly materials across their product lines, accomplishing a 70% total  in 2023

Sustainable Wallets

Wallets - 12 Sustainable Fashion Accessories Brands Defining Eco-Style
Svala - Metallic Black Piñatex® Wallet
Image by Svala


Helga Douglas established Svala with the vision of designing elegant cruelty-free wallets and accessories. The result is a luxurious and ethically produced collection of vegan wallets, totes, and clutches that are as good for your wardrobe options as they are for the planet. 

Innovative materials like Piñatex® (from upcycled pineapple harvest byproducts), sustainably forested cork, and recycled polyester made from plastic bottles feature modern and future-forward fashion statements. They also disprove the notion that sustainable materials have to be boring with metallic options available! 

Behind the Sustainability 

Svala has gained recognition as a featured brand in several esteemed outlets like Vogue, Forbes, and the LA Times and accolades like the International Sustainable Award from the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2023. They walk their sustainable talk with 10% of profits being donated back to WildAid, which stops illegal wildlife trade and trafficking.

Corkor - Cork Wallet Long
Image by Corkor


  • Pricepoint: $$ – $$$ 
  • Sustainability: FSC Certified materials, PETA Approved, recycled and biodegradable packing.
  • Featured Product: Cork Wallet Long

Why so much cork in sustainably-minded accessories? The cork, derived from the bark of cork oak trees, regenerates at a relatively lightning speed, making it a top-notch renewable resource. And Corkor is all in with a chic and natural color palette of handbags, belts, and, yes wallets. 

We especially love the way this material somehow makes the bark texture look like a living piece of art. All of their wallets have multiple compartments and zips, making them functional, and they are eco-friendly.

Behind the Sustainability 

One of the primary advantages of cork is its sustainability credentials. Cork oak forests play a crucial role in preserving biodiversity and preventing soil erosion.

These forests are effective carbon sinks, absorbing significant amounts of CO2, which helps combat climate change. Corkor also goes the extra mile with minimal packaging, water-based inks, and small-batch manufacturing.

Ekster - Parliament Wallet
Image by Ekster


  • Pricepoint: $-$$
  • Sustainability: Certified B Corp
  • Featured Product:  Parliament Wallet

Ekster’s vegan recycled leather wallet is a pivot from the traditional heavy footprint of conventional leather. Repurposed from scrapped car windshields this is trash into fashionable treasure, literally giving new life to what would end up in a landfill. 

And the best part? It looks and feels like the real deal but is totally animal and planet-friendly.

Behind the Sustainability 

Esker is not a fully vegan material company, but the leather they do carry is B Corp and LWG certified. The latter is a group that polices ethical and responsible leather practices. They do, however, carry a vegan leather and aluminum wallet option, which are both excellent alternatives that are more gentle on the earth.

Sustainable Belts

Belts - 12 Sustainable Fashion Accessories Brands Defining Eco-Style
Matt And Nat - Joon Women’s Vegan High Waist Purity Belt
Image by Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat

Brought to you by a close-knit team in Montreal, Quebec, Matt & Nat uses a variety of high-quality vegan materials from PU (a biodegradable material), 100% recycled windshield glass resin, and fruit skin fibers. The linings of the belts are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles –  approximately 21 are recycled for every bag they produce!

Behind the Sustainability 

Matt & Nat is small-scale sustainability, which means they have the most room to pivot and innovate – but may not be ready for full-scale certifications just yet. 

We do love that they are completely transparent about their processes and desire to continue to reduce waste and use materials that are already in play in the natural world rather than source unsustainable virgin materials.

Wills Vegan Store - Geometric 3Cm Belt
Image by Will's Vegan Store

Will’s Vegan Store

Will’s Vegan Store has been at the forefront of vegan clothing and sustainable fashion since it was launched in 2012 by founder Will Greenuses.  Italian vegan leather, made from cereal crops, boasts a hefty 69% biobased content. 

This innovative material not only mimics the aesthetic and durability of traditional leather but does so without the environmental toll associated with animal-based products. 

Behind the Sustainability 

Will’s Vegan Store takes a holistic approach to sustainability—encompassing both environmental and social aspects. Bucking fast fashion, the brand offers an excellent 365-day free return and exchange policy, demonstrating confidence in the quality of its products and also giving a responsible outlet if something doesn’t work out. 

On top of that, they follow a Carbon Neutral Protocol reducing both their impact and yours as a consumer!

Elvis And Kresse - Print Room Belt
Image by Elvis And Kresse

Elvis and Kresse

  • Pricepoint: $$-$$$
  • Sustainability: Certified Social Enterprise: Business for Good, Certified B Corp, Living Wage Employer
  • Featured Product: Print Room Belt

Looking for a conversation piece in the form of a belt? Elvis and Kresse will let you give you the talking point you need to convince your friends and workmates that almost anything can be recycled – and look good while doing it! 

The company’s belts are made of London’s decommissioned fire hoses that had become too damaged to repair and were going to landfill, some of which were on active duty for up to 25 years fighting fires around the UK!

Esket and Kresse said, “Not so fast!”. Today, their highly skilled craftspeople make beautifully designed accessories and homeware from a collection of 15 different reclaimed materials, and 50% of the profits from the Fire-Hose Collection go to The Fire Fighters Charity. 

Behind the Sustainability 

Esker and Kresse have made sure that for over a decade, none of London’s fire-hose has gone to landfill with over 300 tonnes of material being reclaimed. 

They’ve recently teamed up with the design house at Burberry in a five-year partnership that will see at least 120 tonnes of leather off-cuts recrafted into new luxury items, designed and sold by the company.

Comparing The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Products

BrandCategoryFeatured ProductSustainability
Sunski - Tera Tortoise Forest
Sustainable Sunglasses​Tera Tortoise Forest1% for the Planet and Climate Neutral certification.
Warby Parker - Esme Sesame Tortoise
Warby Parker
Sustainable Sunglasses​Esme Sesame TortoiseImpact Foundation and Buy a Pair, Give a Pair Program
Look Optic - Muse Sun
Look Optic
Sustainable Sunglasses​Muse SunZero Waste Initiative and Charity Water partner.
Made Trade - Kata Pom Pom Bag
Made Trade
Sustainable Handbags​Kata Pom Pom BagVaries across brands.
Pixie Mood - Isabella Shoulder Bag
Pixie Mood
Sustainable Handbags​Isabella Shoulder BagPeta Approved Vegan Recycled Leather, 1% for the Planet, One Tree Planted, and TerraPass
Lo And Sons - The Pearl
Lo & Sons
Sustainable Handbags​The PearlPremium eco-friendly materials.
Svala - Metallic Black Piñatex® Wallet
Sustainable Wallets​Metallic Black Piñatex® WalletPremium Vegan Materials, Handcrafted in Los Angeles, WildAid
Corkor - Cork Wallet Long
Sustainable Wallets​Cork Wallet LongFSC Certified materials, PETA Approved, recycled and biodegradable packing.
Ekster - Parliament Wallet
Sustainable Wallets​Parliament WalletCertified B Corp
Matt And Nat - Joon Women’s Vegan High Waist Purity BeltSustainable Belts​Joon Women’s Vegan High Waist Purity BeltVegan plant-based and biodegradable materials
Wills Vegan Store - Geometric 3Cm Belt
Will’s Vegan Store​
Sustainable Belts​Geometric 3cm BeltCarbon Neutral.
Elvis And Kresse - Print Room Belt
Elvis and Kresse
Sustainable Belts​Print Room BeltCertified Social Enterprise: Business for Good, Certified B Corp, Living Wage Employer

Why Switch to Ethical Accessories?

Here are four compelling reasons to take care of the planet while elevating your style! 

It Looks Good on Mother Earth

Sustainable accessories maximize the use of planet-approved materials. Opting for recycled plastics, organic cotton, or sustainable leather alternatives not only cuts down pollution but also conserves natural resources. You’ll look good and feel good about doing good! 

You’ll Be Supporting Ethical Labor Practices

Oftentimes, sustainability and ethical labor practices go hand in hand – compassion for people and the planet! Ethical brands are committed to fair labor practices, ensuring that workers are paid fair wages, work in safe conditions, and have rights and protections, meaning you’ll be part of promoting social justice. 

You’ll be Timeless

Ethical accessories tend to focus on quality and timeless design rather than the fast-changing trends of fast fashion. This emphasis on durability means that products last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements, thereby lessening waste and creating a collection of roadworn, storied pieces to pass down! 

Fostering Innovation and Sustainability

The ethical accessories market is a hotbed for innovation, utilizing cutting-edge sustainable materials and processes that lessen environmental impact. From cork and bamboo to recycled metals and plant-based leathers, these innovations pave the way for a more sustainable future in fashion, and you can be part of it! 

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Alyson Lundstrom

Alyson Lundstrom

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Alyson is a recovering nomad with a degree in Environmental Science. She has had professional lives as a marine biologist, eco-entrepreneur, and community sustainability leader in the Caribbean, China, Mexico, and currently the less exotic, but always green, Washington State. She currently covers movements, brands, and humans as they pursue the elusive quadruple bottom line of people, profit, planet, and purpose.
Alyson Lundstrom

Alyson Lundstrom

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Alyson is a recovering nomad with a degree in Environmental Science. She has had professional lives as a marine biologist, eco-entrepreneur, and community sustainability leader in the Caribbean, China, Mexico, and currently the less exotic, but always green, Washington State. She currently covers movements, brands, and humans as they pursue the elusive quadruple bottom line of people, profit, planet, and purpose.

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