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How Zestain Rates Ethical and Eco-Friendly brands

In the vibrant quest for sustainability, Zestain takes you behind the scenes of our meticulous brand rating process.

Our mission is simple: To unveil the most ethical and eco-conscious brands, to make your sustainable choices easier and more informed.

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Our Review process


Deep Dive into Third-Party Certifications

We start by sifting through the myriad of certifications out there, only giving our nod to brands that boast authentic, rigorous standards. It’s our way of ensuring that “sustainable” isn’t just a buzzword on their packaging.


Spotlight on Sustainable Attributes

From eco-friendly packaging to cruelty-free practices and everything in between, we celebrate brands that go the extra mile in every facet of sustainability.

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Evaluating Corporate Responsibility

Size matters in the sustainability conversation. Larger brands have a larger footprint, so we hold them to a higher standard. It’s about ensuring their scale is matched by their sustainability efforts.


Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We look for brands that aren’t just resting on their green laurels but are actively setting and smashing their sustainability goals. Progress is the name of the game.

Sustainable Attributes That Drive Change

Let’s explore the myriad ways brands are stepping up to the plate, embodying principles of environmental stewardship, ethical production, and social responsibility.

How We Rate Responsably Sourced

Responsibly Sourced

We salute the seekers of responsibly sourced materials, who journey to ensure every resource enriches the community it comes from and the planet it returns to.

How We Rate Give Back

Give Back

We celebrate brands that weave the fabric of giving into their very essence. These are the heroes turning profits into a force for good, nurturing communities, and healing the planet one sale at a time.

How We Rate Ethically Made

Ethically Made

We stand with those who build on the foundation of fairness, where ethical practices in production aren't optional but essential. These brands weave integrity into every product, championing a world where work dignifies.

How We Rate


We advocate for the alchemists mixing up non-toxic solutions, proving that safety and efficacy can coexist beautifully and sustainably.

How We Rate Biodegradable And Compostable

Biodegradable and Compostable

We embrace the creators of products that gracefully return to the earth, leaving behind nothing but nutrients and gratitude. This isn't just decomposition; it's a rebirth.

How We Rate Cruelty Free


We stand by the guardians of all beings, offering cruelty-free products as a testament to kindness and compassion. It's beauty without sacrifice, proving care extends beyond the human sphere.

How We Rate Refillable


Cheers to the pioneers of refillable solutions, reducing single-use without compromising on convenience or quality. They're not just refilling products; they're replenishing a belief in sustainable cycles.

How We Rate Plastic Free


We applaud the pioneers of plastic-free products, charting a course towards oceans teeming with life, not plastic. Every choice is a wave in the right direction.

How We Rate Ecofriendly Packaging

Eco-friendly Packaging

We champion the innovators of eco-friendly packaging, turning the tide on waste one package at a time. It's not just about what's inside; it's how it's wrapped in respect for the earth.

How We Rate Repair Service

Repair Service

We champion the brands that offer the noble art of repair, transforming "end of life" into "beginning anew". They're not just fixing products; they're mending the mindset of a throwaway culture.

How We Rate Takeback Program

Takeback Program

We applaud the forward-thinkers with takeback programs, who see the lifecycle of a product as a circle, not a line. Here, the end is just the start of something beautiful and sustainable.

How We Rate Handmade


We honor the hands that craft with purpose and passion. Handmade isn't just an aesthetic; it's a stand against the impersonal tide of mass production, each piece a testament to tradition and sustainability.

How We Rate Upcycled And Recycled

Upcycled and Recycled

We celebrate the visionaries turning waste into wonder, proving that with creativity and commitment, the cycle of use can be endless and beautifully sustainable.

How We Rate Organic


We support the stewards of organic practices, nurturing the soil and soul with products free from synthetic harm. It's a return to the roots of health and harmony with nature.

How We Rate Vegan


We honor the vegan virtuosos that craft products that cherish all life, proving that compassion can be a cornerstone of consumer choices.

Zestain Does Not Just Rate Brands

We’re building a community where sustainability is the standard, not the exception. Join us on this journey, and together, let’s make conscious choices the norm.