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8 Best Eco-Friendly Tables For Your Eco-Home

Searching for the perfect eco-friendly table to complete your home? Look no further. Here are our top picks of tables that will fit perfectly into any eco-home.
8 Best Eco-Friendly Tables For Your Eco-Home

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Did you know that the first tables were created several thousand years ago by the Ancient Egyptians? These early tables weren’t used for dining (that was the Greeks and the Romans) or game night,  but rather to keep important objects off the floor. 

These tables were made of wood and alabaster, and well, suffice to say the handy innovation took off. And like all great new things, they began to be made in massive quantities, necessitating more raw materials, faster production cycles, synthetic varnishes, and machines to make it all happen. In short, they have drifted from their natural beginnings into unsustainable territory. 

Alas, there is hope! Whether you’re updating your furniture collection or furnishing a new room in your house, there are many sustainable furniture companies making ethically built table options that don’t cost the planet.

From reclaimed wood tables to sustainable fiberglass tops, let’s explore the best eco-friendly tables for your home today!

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Zestain's Top Picks

The Best Eco-Friendly Tables

How We Choose These Eco-Friendly Tables

Isn’t a table just a table? Yes and no. Any sustainable furnishing purchase has the potential to be a vote for the planet or another piece destined for the landfill in a short time.

When it goes the way of the latter, valuable natural resources are wasted, and our planet continues to be over capacity in dealing with our waste.

Here’s what we look at when choosing the best sustainable tables: 

Materials Matter

We’re no strangers to sustainable design and eco-conscious furniture materials. Forget plastics and their not-so-green cousins. And let’s talk about that natural-looking table that’s actually coated with chemical lacquers. Nah, not for us.

Wood captures our hearts and makes up a massive 60% of the furniture market globally. But don’t be fooled, not all wood is created equal. The way it’s grown, chopped, and turned into your dream table matters—big time.

A Commitment to Ethical Forestry

Clear-cutting a whole forest? That’s a hard no for us. It’s like throwing a wrecking ball through nature’s skyscraper, causing soil to erode and sending carbon dioxide emissions through the roof.

And let’s just take a minute for the VIPs of the forest world—old-growth trees. These ancient wonders are nature’s lifelines for endangered species and are the lungs of the planet, helping manage water and sequester carbon. Disrespecting these guys through unethical logging? Not on our watch.

Third-Party Certifications

Good news, though. Organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council are our guiding stars. You’ll see their iconic “check tree” stamp on our tables, ensuring that love and care have gone into sourcing every timber slice.

Their ethos gels with ours—responsible sourcing, ongoing forest conservation, and yes, even rehab for forests that have seen better days. Beyond that, we dig into more badges of eco-credibility:

  • The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC)
  • 1% for the Planet
  • Wood Furniture Scorecard (SFC x National Wildlife Federation)
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative

So, once you start eyeing the eco-friendly tables we have listed below, know that we’ve put in the legwork to make sure it’s a piece you can be proud to bring into your home—and that’s a win for you and the planet.

Full List of Sustainable & Reclaimed Wood Table Brands

Image by Modish
Best sustainable cocktail table


Featured Item: Uttermost Spiro Reclaimed Wood Cocktail Table

Sustainability: FSC-certified sourcing, reclaimed wood, One Tree Planted Initiative

Modish elevates sustainable living by featuring recycled, reclaimed, and repurposed items.

They feature hand-made and hand-crafted items made out of wicker, rattan, bamboo, driftwood, petrified wood, and repurposed metal. Their featured brands are selected carefully for their ‘green’ design ethos and manufacturing practices. 

Their site features a wide variety of tables, from bespoke conversation pieces to functional everyday-use furniture. They have also partnered with One Tree Planted to help regenerative forestry initiatives by planting a tree for every table sold.

Urban Wood Goods
Image by Urban Wood Goods
Best raw edge table

Urban Wood Goods

Featured Item: “Live Edge” Tables

Sustainability: FSC-certified sourcing, reclaimed wood, 1% For The Earth, Rainforest Action Network

Urban Wood Goods is deeply dedicated to preserving salvaged, old-growth woods. Through the art of handcrafting, they create distinctive, contemporary furnishings that bridge the gap between the past and the present, telling a captivating story of sustainability in timeless tables and other furnishings. 

Their Live Edge tables are of particular note. Individually crafted with care from kiln-dried slabs, our live edge wood tables showcase the natural beauty of various wood species.

You can choose from a selection of leg styles that offer custom live edge and faux live edge/organic edge tables. Their sustainable collection features kiln-dried urban hardwood species, including American Black Walnut, Maple, White Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Ash, Elm, and Honey Locust. 

Furniture From The Barn
Image by Furniture From The Barn
Best barnwood table

Furniture From the Barn

Featured Item: Farmhouse Tables

Sustainability: FSC-certified sourcing, reclaimed wood

The humble farmhouse table has become a cherished gathering place, serving as the centerpiece of modern kitchens and dining rooms. These large gathering tables hold narratives as captivating as the moments spent around them. 

The Furniture From the Barn Farmhouse Table Collection is meticulously crafted from reclaimed white pine barn wood and custom-made to order. Each piece is handcrafted locally in  Pennsylvania, reducing the carbon footprint of importing exotic virgin wood.

Crate &Amp; Barrel
Image by Crate & Barrel
Best sustainable teak table

Crate & Barrel

Featured Item: Shinola Runwell Teak Outdoor Coffee Table

Sustainability: FSC-certified sourcing

Crate & Barrel is the perfect example of a giant company making a slow but meaningful pivot towards more sustainable offerings. The 60 year old company has long been known for its quality craftsmanship and durability of all of its furniture, a sustainable feature in itself. 

They have recently added teak FSC certified wood from forests that are responsibly managed to be environmentally sound. This includes the Shinola Runwell Teak Outdoor Coffee Table and Batten Extendable Teak Outdoor Dining Table –  both statement pieces that feature the certified sustainable wood.

On top of incorporating better for the earth materials into their furnishing, Crate & Barrel has also made leaps towards climate neutrality mitigations, ethical supply chains, and removing single-use plastic from their packaging.

Savvy Rest
Image by Savvy Rest
Best sustainable table with shelving

Savvy Rest

Featured Item: Coffee Table with Shelf

Sustainability: FSC-certified sourcing, Zero VOC Finishes

Possibly best known for their bedroom furniture, Savvy Rest has expanded its line to include some great options for eco-friendly tables. Their most popular offering is a utilitarian coffee table with a shelf made of sustainably sourced maplewood and traditional ‘mortise-and-tenon joinery’ that is used for optimal strength and durability – keeping it in your living room and out of the landfill for longer. 

We love this option for its versatility! They offer a range of zero-VOC finishes, including linseed oil, cedar, mahogany, walnut, or alternatively, leaving it raw and unfinished, depending on your preference.

Avocado Green Mattress
Image by Avocado Green Mattress
Most modern design sustainable table

Avocado Green Mattress

Featured Item: Zero Waste Entry Table

Sustainability: Upcycled wood

Another company known for their mattresses, Avocado Green Mattress, has extended their low-impact luxury principles to tables as well. 

The Zero Waste Entry Table is made of 100% exclusively upcycled wood from their Los Angeles facility. The table is part of the Zero Waste Collection as part of Avocado’s mission to divert more than 80% of their waste from landfills, complete their Zero Waste Certificate, and become one of the ‘most sustainable companies on Earth.’

Moss Design
Image by Moss Design
Best sustainable dining table

Moss Design

Featured Item: Nord Dining Table

Sustainability: FSC-certified sourcing, FISP Furniture Industry Sustainability Program, and solar-powered production facilities.

Producing high-quality hardwood furniture since 1974, Moss Design’s Scandinavian contemporary Nord Table is just one in an entire line of FSC-certified furniture pieces that use chain of custody, US-sourced, sustainable solid wood.

The company prides itself in not only having complete traceability and transparency in its materials but also having an ethically operated factory that uses fair labor practices. 

Woodlin Occasional Table Collection
Image by GreenRow
Most certified sustainable table


Featured Item: Woodlin Occasional Table Collection

Sustainability: Fair Trade Certified, FSC-certified sourcing, Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Greenguard Certified.

GreenRow makes furniture, including artisan upcycled tables, under five simple principles – that they are designed to last, made from responsible materials, can be vetted under third-party certifications, use ethical production, and that the entire life cycle of the product is evaluated. 

This holistic approach shows in the craftsmanship of their Wood Occasional Table Collection, which utilizes 100% reclaimed elm with a natural wax finish. In addition, each purchase plants a tree with the Arbor Day Foundation, cementing their commitment to a better earth.

Comparing Sustainable Table Brands

BrandFeatured ItemPriceSustainabilityOur Pick For
Uttermost Spiro Reclaimed Wood Cocktail Table$$$FSC-certified sourcing, reclaimed wood, One Tree Planted InitiativeBest sustainable cocktail table
Urban Wood Goods
Urban Wood Goods
“Live Edge” Tables$$$FSC-certified sourcing, reclaimed wood, 1% For The Earth, Rainforest Action NetworkBest raw edge table
Furniture From The Barn
Furniture From The Barn
Farmhouse Tables$$$$FSC-certified sourcing, reclaimed woodBest barnwood table
Crate &Amp; Barrel
Crate & Barrel
Shinola Runwell Teak Outdoor Coffee Table$$$FSC-certified sourcingBest sustainable teak table
Savvy Rest
Savvy Rest
Coffee Table with Shelf$$$FSC-certified sourcing, Zero VOC FinishesBest sustainable table with shelving
Avocado Green Mattress
Avocado Green Mattress
Zero Waste Entry Table$$Upcycled woodMost modern design sustainable table
Moss Design
Moss Design
Nord Dining Table$$$$FSC-certified sourcing, FISP Furniture Industry Sustainability Program, and solar-powered production facilitiesBest sustainable dining table
Woodlin Occasional Table Collection
Woodlin Occasional Table Collection$$$$Fair Trade Certified, FSC-certified sourcing, Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Greenguard CertifiedMost certified sustainable table

Which Eco-Friendly Materials To Look For In A Table?

This is your quick reference list for the most eco-friendly furniture materials to look for in your next table, or really any furniture purchase! These are based on a full lifecycle analysis that considers its maturation rate, regenerative harvesting techniques, where it is grown, and its impact on soil health.

Common woods (White ash, oak, and maple)

Sustainable and intelligent product design incorporates the utilization of “common” wood. This refers to wood sourced from more abundant tree species like white ash, oak, and maple. Using common woods helps to prevent further depletion of endangered or threatened tree populations.


Hardwoods, also known as deciduous trees, are more sustainable than softwoods because of their slower growth rate and higher density. This means they require less maintenance, have a smaller carbon footprint, and are more resistant to insects and decay.

Hardwoods like oak, ash, cherry, maple, and poplar are also less likely to cause erosion and soil degradation due to their deep-rooted system. Harvesting hardwoods can also promote new growth as it stimulates seed production and allows for younger trees to grow in their place.


Bamboo has made a name for itself as the go-to option for eco-friendly furniture, and for good reason. Its sustainability is unrivaled when compared to other natural resources used in the woodworking industry.

As a material, bamboo is strong, durable, and lightweight, making it perfect for building tables while also reducing the carbon footprint of transport. Bamboo is also known for its ability to regenerate quickly – “financial maturation” happens in 2 to 3 years rather than 20 to 60 years of hardwood trees.

Reclaimed woods

You can’t go wrong when selecting a table made of reclaimed materials of any kind. Even a table made of post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) allows the material to live on and extend the life of the natural resources that made it in the first place. In addition, materials like reclaimed wood can actually look better! Aged wood can give a vintage editorial feel to your furnishings.

Zero-VOC Finishes

Traditional finishes can be loaded with harmful, volatile compounds that can harm the environment (not to mention our health). Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are released from synthetic paints or varnishes as toxic micropollutants in our homes.

Finishes are important – not just aesthetically but to ensure the integrity of your table over time. Opt for eco finishes like these:

  • Walnut oil.
  • Tung oil.
  • Raw linseed oil.
  • Safflower oil.
  • Denatured alcohol.
  • Clay fillers.
  • Shellac flakes.

Last Thoughts On Sustainable Table Brands

Sustainability is about investing in durable, long-lasting furniture that employs as many low-impact materials as possible. As furniture companies pivot towards more eco-friendly materials, processes, and take back programs, support them!

A company may not carry an entire line of sustainable furniture or tick every eco-friendly box, but speaking up as a consumer about what you want to see will help support them to provide better options as we all work towards a better planet.

Alyson Lundstrom

Alyson Lundstrom

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Alyson is a recovering nomad with a degree in Environmental Science. She has had professional lives as a marine biologist, eco-entrepreneur, and community sustainability leader in the Caribbean, China, Mexico, and currently the less exotic, but always green, Washington State. She currently covers movements, brands, and humans as they pursue the elusive quadruple bottom line of people, profit, planet, and purpose.
Alyson Lundstrom

Alyson Lundstrom

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Alyson is a recovering nomad with a degree in Environmental Science. She has had professional lives as a marine biologist, eco-entrepreneur, and community sustainability leader in the Caribbean, China, Mexico, and currently the less exotic, but always green, Washington State. She currently covers movements, brands, and humans as they pursue the elusive quadruple bottom line of people, profit, planet, and purpose.

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