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7 Sustainable Office Furniture Brands Creating a More Eco-Friendly 9-5

Discover how to set the perfect eco-friendly office vibe with our curated list of sustainable furniture brands! So you can work comfortably while also saving the planet.

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Getting the right office vibes is hard. And you can’t work if the vibes are off. Thankfully, we’ve made finding eco-friendly office furniture super easy. You can get a cozy, clean, and comfortable office while protecting the environment and supporting ethically-minded brands. 

We love a win-win like this one. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through a selection of our top picks for office furniture brands committed to sustainability. What earns these pieces our seal of approval? We’re excited to dive into the details and share why in this guide.

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Zestain's Top Picks

A Quick Look At The Best Sustainable Office Furniture Brands

How We Chose These Eco-Friendly Office Furniture Brands?

In our quest to uncover the leading sustainable furniture brands for your home office, we delved deep into the sustainable furniture market. Navigating the myriad of claims about eco-friendly practices and sustainable manufacturing required a discerning eye.

We established key criteria to guide our search. Below, you’ll find a snapshot of the factors that were pivotal to our selection process:


Transparency is the hallmark of ethical sourcing and manufacturing. In general, brands with a good ethical ethos disclose everything they can when it comes to their products. We asked questions like:

  • Where are their materials sourced from?
  • How are workers treated throughout the production process?
  • What sustainable third-party certifications do they have?

Transparency isn’t always possible, especially in situations where brands have protected patents and designs. Still, the majority of the brands on our list were open and up-front about their manufacturing processes. 

Environmental Impact 

Prioritizing the environment is probably the most important part of creating sustainable products. Mitigating negative impacts is a huge part of that mission. 

Harvesting wood plays a big role in furniture production. Deforestation is a hotbed issue, though, and the systemic leveling of old-growth forests is a major contributor to climate change.

Because trees “absorb and store carbon dioxide,” greenhouse gases are being released into the atmosphere. The absence of the forests that used to capture those gases means there’s no one left to pick them back up. 

The demand for cheap wood has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry that encourages both illegal and unsustainable logging around the world. Some of the planet’s most important old-growth forests are victims of these practices, and the implications are dire. 

The brands we’ve outlined here are dedicated to sourcing their wood ethically, or not using traditionally-logged wood at all. They’ve chosen to prioritize the planet by using resources obtained from responsibly managed forests and reclamation.

These choices contribute to conservation efforts and create some incredible pieces of furniture. 

Environmental Contributions

Some brands go the extra mile when it comes to sustainability and conservation initiatives. They’re transparent, careful of their environmental impact, and contribute to conservation efforts.

Masaya & Co, for example, has an entire sister company devoted to reforestation. Creating furniture is just a small part of their efforts to protect the planet.

These kinds of initiatives make a difference, so we wanted to spotlight any brands that did work that went above and beyond just ethical sourcing. 

Third-Party Certifications

In addition to prioritizing ethically sourced materials, looking for third-party certifications can provide further assurance of a brand’s sustainability and eco-friendliness. Be on the lookout for the following certifications:

  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • Fair Trade
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Carbon Neutral Product
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) Member Seal

This isn’t a comprehensive list of third-party certifications, but it’s a good starting point. Keep in mind, however, that not all small brands will have third-party certifications. Urban Wood Goods, for example, uses recycled materials that don’t fall under any of these certifications. 

Be sure to do your research on any brands you choose to shop with. Informed consumer choices play a critical role in promoting sustainability.

Interested in a specific piece of furniture for your office? Check out our articles on eco-friendly office chairs and sustainable desks.

Full List of Sustainable Office Furniture Brands

Medley Home
Image by Medley
Best overall

Medley Home

  • Sustainability: FSC Certified, CErtiPUR-US, GOLS, OEKO-Tex, GOTS.
  • What they make: Desks, Chairs, Shelves, and Storage Cabinets
  • Featured: Hank Monitor Desk

Founded in 2005, Medley Home was created by the Nagle brothers with a big goal: to totally revolutionize the furniture industry by creating furniture that prioritized sustainability. Ryan and Travis come from a family of creators, so it made sense they’d follow in their parents’ footsteps and create beautiful things. 

The brand, based in Los Angeles, focuses on creating furniture one piece at a time. Medley’s vision is to consider furniture a part of the larger ecosystem, so each piece is made with the planet in mind. They’ve got a whole host of certifications, including FSC, to show their commitment to sustainability. 

Their product range spans pretty much everything you need for your home. Their eco-friendly office furniture features pieces designed to be both enduring and stylish.

The Hank Monitor Desk is one of our favorites because of its beautiful wood, craftsmanship, and intuitive design. You can get this one in both maple and walnut for maximum design potential. 

Medley puts a huge emphasis on sustainability when it comes to sourcing the material for their furniture. They emphasize domestically sourced and FSC-certified wood, including alder, walnut, and maple, along with low VOC plywood when needed. They also use USDA organic furniture polish made from all-natural ingredients.

Masaya &Amp; Co
Image by Masaya & Co
Best Design

Masaya & Co

  • Sustainability: Sustainably harvested wood, planted over 1.2 million trees to date.
  • What they make: Desks, Chairs, Shelves, Laptop and Phone Stands
  • Featured: Casares Desk

Masaya & Co. has a unique business model when it comes to sustainably-minded furniture companies. Through their sister company, Maderas Sostenibles, Masaya & Co is on a mission to reforest stripped lands throughout Nicaragua. The volume of work they’ve done to rehabilitate destroyed forests is impressive. 

In our opinion, Masaya & Co is more of a side project for MSSA to help fund their conservation efforts. We’re here for it, too. When it comes to sustainability, protecting and preserving the planet should be everyone’s top priority. 

Their furniture pieces are made with responsibly harvested hardwoods, like teak, mahogany, and walnut, and finished with low-VOC natural oils. They have a selection of desks, chairs, and storage solutions, so you can one-stop shop for your eco-friendly home office furniture. 

Plus, their designs look fantastic. Their Casares Desk is perfect for keeping your space clutter-free.

Urban Wood Goods
Image by Urban Wood Goods
Best Artisan

Urban Wood Goods

  • Sustainability: FSC-certified sourcing, reclaimed wood, 1% For The Earth, Rainforest Action Network
  • What They Make: Desks, Chairs, Shelves
  • Featured: L Shaped Desk with steel legs

Founded over a decade ago by Erin True, Urban Wood Goods began as an Etsy experiment. It didn’t take long for her designs to catch on. Soon after launching, Urban Wood Goods exploded into a business focused on custom-designed reclaimed wood furniture. Located outside of Chicago, this brand offers eco-friendly furniture with an industrial edge. 

As far as sustainability goes, it’s hard to argue that there’s anything more sustainable than using reclaimed materials. After all, by sourcing rescued wood, Urban Wood Goods is redirecting potential waste and giving it a new life. Besides this, Urban Wood Goods also gives 1% of their online sales to the Rainforest Action Network. 

Their sustainable furniture catalog includes desks, tables, shelving, and a (kind of uncomfortable-looking) chair. You may need to head elsewhere for your desk seating, but don’t let that deter you from giving their furniture a try. We can’t think of a cooler brand than this one.

We think the L Shaped Desk with steel legs is a perfect addition to your environmentally-friendly home office. The rustic vibes are perfect for storing your home library. 

Image by Greenington
Best Use of Alternative Materials


  • Sustainability: ISO 14001 Certified.
  • What they make: Desks, Chairs, Shelves, and Storage Cabinets
  • Featured: Mira Console

Greenington takes the issue of sustainably harvested wood out of the equation when it comes to manufacturing sustainable furniture. Kind of. With an emphasis on sustainably grown and harvested bamboo, Greenington’s approach is a novel one. 

If you didn’t know, bamboo isn’t technically a wood. It’s a grass with a lot of added benefits for the environment

Greenington uses a really unique process to create sheets of bamboo that resemble hardwoods. It involves heating the bamboo to caramelize the sugars. We didn’t know that was a thing, but we can’t argue with the results. Pretty much every piece of eco-friendly office furniture Greenington offers is gorgeous. 

We’re partial to the Mira Console for all of your home office storage needs. Looking at this gorgeous credenza, it’s hard to believe it’s made of 100% bamboo. Guess that goes to show you can’t judge your furniture by its grain.  

Hoek Home
Image by Hoek Home
Best for Budget
Best Recycling Program
Most Innovative

Hoek Home

  • Sustainability: Locally sourced sustainable wood, 100% recycled HDPE plastic
  • What they make: Desks, Monitos Shelves, Desk Organizers
  • Featured: ‘The Desk

Hoek was founded by two architects from Harvard. Hoek’s furniture is all made-to-order in Brooklyn, NYC. Using a combination of CNC technology and traditional carpentry, Hoek pieces are extraordinarily unique and perfectly crafted. The whole thing is super high-tech. 

Hoek uses a combination of sustainably sourced HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and plywood to craft their unique pieces. They don’t use any toxic glues, and the finishes are all water-based.

The HDPE is made with 100% post-consumer plastic, like recycled milk jugs, which are shredded into a pulp and then compressed into the substrate used to make the furniture. 

Hoek offers a unique opportunity for their customers to recycle any furniture they’re done with. Send it back to Hoek, and they’ll reuse the HDPE through the same process. The recycling process can be done up to 10 times without compromising the finished product. Now THAT’S sustainable. 

Hoek is also one of the more affordable options on our list, but you’re not sacrificing any style because of that. Each piece of sustainable home office furniture they create is beautiful, unique, and a testament to human innovation. 

Hoek’s The Desk perfectly encapsulates the brand’s aesthetic. We love the unique legs and easy installation. 

Herman Miller
Image by Herman Miller
Timeless Design

Herman Miller

  • Sustainability: FSC Certified, Ocean-bound plastic, Recycled materials
  • What they make: Chairs, Desks, Workstations
  • Featured: Aeron Chair

If you’re a furniture aficionado (specific, we know), you probably know Herman Miller. The brand is best known for the Eames line and partnership, which produced some of the most notable and recognizable designs to come out of the mid-century modern movement. 

Herman Miller is still making furniture, but they’ve added a twist: sustainability.

They emphasize sustainably harvested wood with an FSC certification, their commitment to diverting plastic waste from the ocean through NextWave Plastics, and their rePurpose program to reimagine what happens to products that have reached the end of their life. 

All in all, Herman Miller is committed to creating gorgeous and sustainable furniture. And, as the original creator of the cubicle, Herman Miller knows a lil’ something about office furniture. Their eco-friendly home office furniture collection includes both gorgeous and functional pieces for maximum versatility. 

West Elm
Image by West Elm
Quickest Shipping

West Elm

  • Sustainability: FSC Certified, GREENGUARD Gold, GOTS, GRS, OEKO-Tex, Fair Trade.
  • What they make: Wall desks, Desks, Chairs, Bookshelves, and more
  • Featured: Mid-Century Modular Wall Desk

While West Elm isn’t the most sustainable furniture choice on our list, they’re pretty hard to beat when it comes to the trifecta of durable, beautiful, and sustainable furniture.

A subsidiary of Pottery Barn, West Elm is known for their elevated designs. However, not everyone is aware that they’ve made the commitment to become a sustainable and eco-friendly company. 

Around 60% of their wooden furniture is made using FSC-certified wood, which is a huge plus, and most of their upholstery uses organic or recycled materials. Around 65% of their wares are made in the United States; the rest are made by artisans in their Handcrafted collection. 

West Elm isn’t a perfect solution for your eco-friendly home office, but they are a great place to start. Each product lists how it is sustainable, and you can also filter out any furniture that isn’t sustainably made. 

We’re personally big fans of their Mid-Century Modular Wall Desk. You can always count on West Elm for great-looking furniture. 

Comparing Sustainable Office Furniture

BrandFeatured ItemSustainabilityOur Pick For
Medley Home
Medley Home
Hank Monitor DeskFSC Certified, CErtiPUR-US, GOLS, OEKO-Tex, GOTSBest overall
Masaya &Amp; Co
Masaya & Co
Casares DeskSustainably harvested wood, planted over 1.2 million trees to date.Best Design
Urban Wood Goods
Urban Wood Goods
L shaped desk with steel legsFSC-certified sourcing, reclaimed wood, 1% For The Earth, Rainforest Action NetworkBest Artisan
Mira ConsoleISO 14001 CertifiedBest Use of Alternative Materials
Hoek Home
Hoek Home
'The Desk'Locally sourced sustainable wood, 100% recycled HDPE plasticBest for Budget, Best Recycling Program, Most Innovative
Herman Miller
Herman Miller
Aeron ChairFSC Certified, Ocean-bound plastic, Recycled materialsTimeless Design
West Elm
West Elm
Mid-Century Modular Wall DeskFSC Certified, GREENGUARD Gold, GOTS, GRS, OEKO-Tex, Fair TradeQuickest Shipping

Why Switch To Environmentally Friendly Office Furniture?

Switching to a sustainable lifestyle is a process that usually starts inside your home. People tend to be conscious of their cleaning products, food, and hygiene supplies as they relate to waste and pollution. But furniture usually flies under the radar. 

A big part of that comes because of the price: it’s much easier to buy eco-friendly floss than an eco-friendly credenza. Fast furniture, the home furnishings industry’s answer to fast fashion, has become shockingly common. Brands everywhere are producing cheap home goods at a dizzying rate, with little regard for quality or sustainability. 

Fast furniture is mass-produced, poor-quality furniture made with plastics and wood composites. These are items not designed to last—fast furniture is made to sell quickly and cheaply. Think cheap bookcases and storage furniture that break within a year. 

We’ve all been there. The bookcase shelves buckle, the particleboard splinters, and you’re left with a mess you can’t recycle. 

Fast furniture is becoming a major environmental issue that few people are talking about. According to EPA estimates, over 9 million tons of furniture get tossed in landfills every year. This issue has arisen because of the poor quality of contemporary furniture. Fast furniture isn’t designed to last, doesn’t hold up over time, and usually can’t be repaired. 

In comes eco-friendly, sustainable furniture. While you may pay more upfront, pieces designed by sustainable furniture brands tend to stand the test of time. Because they’re made with high-quality materials, like ethically sourced hardwoods, these kinds of pieces can be repaired and refinished if they get dinged up. 

What Makes Office Furniture Sustainable? 

There are a lot of things that determine if a piece of office furniture is sustainable or not. How it’s made is just one piece of the puzzle. Furniture is sustainable if it:

  • uses renewable or recyclable resources
  • is manufactured sustainably
  • uses ethically-sourced materials
  • can be recycled, repaired, or refurbished
  • is made with fair trade and fair labor 

That seems like a long checklist to keep in mind when searching for eco-friendly office furniture. However, most companies that meet one of those requirements either meet all the rest or are working towards meeting the other guidelines. 

A lot of the brands we’ve spotlighted here have come up with innovative approaches to these issues. Masaya & Co has an entire sister company dedicated to reforestation, Hoek uses computer-based technology to recycle and reuse plastic, and Greenington makes everything out of bamboo. 

What are we saying? There’s no limit to what sustainability can mean as long as protecting the planet is a brand’s central goal. 

Final Thoughts on Sustainable Home Office Furniture 

It’s never too late to start crafting a sustainable home. Having an environmentally friendly home office is a great place to start.

The clean and sleek design that characterizes a lot of eco-friendly furniture brands is perfect for getting into your workflow. You’ll have a designer workspace with the added bonus of it being ethically and sustainably sourced. 

Scoffing at the price of some of these pieces? Try to remember you get what you pay for, and you’re paying for a beautifully, carefully designed piece of furniture crafted with the planet in mind. 

We know that’s not always in the budget, but don’t let that keep you from making sustainable choices for your home furnishings. Buying secondhand furniture is always a good choice when it comes to shopping for anything, and that’s especially true for furniture. 

Shopping this way, you’ll save money, and your purchase won’t require any new trees or resources for its production. You can sometimes discover unique and uncommon items at a much lower cost than buying them new. Sometimes, the most sustainable choice is the most frugal one. 

Christina Boren

Christina Boren

Christina is an Alaskan-based sustainability and environmentalism writer. She’s spent nearly a decade working in industries directly related to environmentalism and sustainability, including chemical manufacturing and waste management. She holds a B.A in English from the University of Central Florida and is well-versed in what it means to be an eco-advocate.
Christina Boren

Christina Boren

Christina is an Alaskan-based sustainability and environmentalism writer. She’s spent nearly a decade working in industries directly related to environmentalism and sustainability, including chemical manufacturing and waste management. She holds a B.A in English from the University of Central Florida and is well-versed in what it means to be an eco-advocate.

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